We play:

Settlers of Catan - Puerto Rico - Agricola - Condottiere - Ticket to Ride - Citadels - Torres - Shadows over Camelot - Race for the Galaxy - Formula De - Seven Wonders .. that kind of thing.

The club owns lots of games, and our members bring even more.

We meet:

Every Thursday - 8pm - The Stables Bar, Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

We welcome:


We charge:

50p each week, which is spent on games for the club.

First-timers pay nothing!

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Play board games in Leamington tonight

BoardSilly Games Club meet at the Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa tonight from 8:00.

I am at a Beavers show earlier in the evening so I will be late.

Nigel and I will come to the pub later with my bag of games containing whatever's left in from last week, probably:
- Innovations
- Power Grid
- Settlers of Catan
- Tempus
- Tsuro

I believe that John H will not be there due to being at a gig in Coventry.

See you later,

John E

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Play board games in Leamington tonight

As usual, Newbold Comyn Arms, 8pm.

I (JH) will be bringing:

  • Jacob Marley Esquire - if I can manage to gather together enough bits. Stuart still needs to see the economy model at work.
  • Ghost Chase - had it years, but it had the wrong cards. I finally got around to asking Rio Grande for replacements, and now I have them. It's Scotland Yard with a ghost instead of a master criminal. It looks like a kids' game, but BGG suggests it's a 6/10 for kids and a 7/10 for adults. I'd just like to play it once before selling it, frankly.
... but happy to play almost anything else.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Play board games in Rugby. Not tonight though.

Over on our Google Group, we got a nice email from our friends in Rugby:

I just joined this group to put a post up re Rugby on Board. Just to say hi, and that you would all be very welcome. There is a regular turnout of about 5 of us, at the Raglan every other Tuesday but with the opening of Rugby's own Friendly Local Game Store (Shadow Games) this is sure to lead to an increase in numbers and the potential for setting up some all day gaming on a weekend at some undefined future date... 

Any day except Thursday, you have my permission to schlep up to Rugby for an extra gaming fix.

Board Games in Leamington Tonight

It's on at the Newbold Comyn Arms tonight. I hope John E can come up with something topical...

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Play Board Games in Leamington Spa tonight 4th April

BoardSilly games club meet at the Newbold Comyn Arms from 20:00 tonight.

It was good to see so many old faces last week: Dave Manuel (our club founder), Caroline and Matt C.
Rumour is that Andrew H will make it out tonight.

I will be there with:
- Tempus
- Innovations
- Formula De
- Thebes
- another club game if I have it & someone requests it
See you later,
John E