We play:

Settlers of Catan - Puerto Rico - Agricola - Condottiere - Ticket to Ride - Citadels - Torres - Shadows over Camelot - Race for the Galaxy - Formula De - Seven Wonders .. that kind of thing.

The club owns lots of games, and our members bring even more.

We meet:

Every Thursday - 8pm - The Stables Bar, Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

We welcome:


We charge:

50p each week, which is spent on games for the club.

First-timers pay nothing!

Friday, 28 September 2012

Last night's gaming

A generous three tables' worth of players came last night.

At one table, we play-tested a prototype that one of us had been sent, then played Zombicide, which was tremendous fun. It's a co-op game, and as a team we beat the zombie hordes, although three of our four were victims to a climactic brain-eating frenzy at the end. Although nominally we won by collecting the last Objective token, I don't fancy the remaining character's chances when he emerges from that building...

At another table, Blood Bowl: Team Manager was played, Saboteur, and Dobble.

... and at a third table, Locke And Key, Batavia, then Nile.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Board games in Leamington tonight

It's Thursday. It's Board Silly Night.

Newbold Comyn Arms, 8pm. 50p regulars. Free to newcomers.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Play Board Games on Thursday night in Leamington Spa

BoardSilly Games Club meet on Thursday night from 20:00 at the Newbold Comyn Arms

I fancy playing:
  • Castles of Burgundy - with the option of differing board layouts
  • El Grande - I'm still missing Spain
  • Innovations - I'll bring it with me this week
  • 7 Wonders - are we going to buy the Cities expansion?
  • Caylus - I didn't play Caylus last week so the chance has gone for another few months
See you there,

John E

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Play Board Games in Leamington Spa tonight

After a couple of weeks in Spain lounging by a pool with a San Miguel or two I fancy something different. Luckily BoardSilly Games Club meet tonight from 20:00 at the Newbold Comyn Arms so I'll be lounging by a board game or two with a San Miguel or two.

I fancy playing:
  • El Grande - I'm missing Spain
  • Innovations - I'm missing Innovations
  • Caylus - I'm missing my Sanity
See you there,

John E

PS. This was Post #99 on the BoardSilly Blogger feed. I'll leave John H to weave his special magic on post #100.